Green Cabin part 32

Gently I prodded the cloth bag, but that told me nothing. I stepped outside finding the stone walkway frigid. I was certain my toes curled in response. Once out I looked in every direction, saw no one, or no one moving and wanted nothing more then to go back inside where it was warm.

Instead, I grabbed the duffel bag and found it quite heavy so dragged it after me, and closed the door once back inside the small building. With my back against the door, I saw Margaret sitting up.

“Why’d you go outside? This place might be as dangerous as the creepy house place.” She stood, looking stronger but still in need of rest and sleep. With one hand for support using whatever was available, she approached.

“You should be in bed,” I said and heard the weariness of my words. I pulled the duffel bag where she might see it. “I heard someone outside. They left this behind.”

Her face showed the scowl she must’ve felt. “With my luck it’s a bag of old weapons.”

I shrugged and opened the top. Inside was, clothing, bedding, boots, and, a large first aid kit. As I pulled stuff out and spread them on Margaret’s bunk, I remembered the large bird, now seriously wondering if that was Attrea’s owl and she had it, bring me the duffel bag.

But there was female clothing and toiletries and I knew I was wrong. Wrong and very disappointed. Yet I was unwilling to give up on the idea that I saw her owl.

After it was empty, Margaret went though everything and selected what she could use and wear. What was left was enough to keep me warm and comfortable for days.

By morning I knew we needed to leave. After dressing in clean warm clothing, I pulled on my boots and stepped outside. The boat, our boat, was where we’d tied it down. A quick check showed me that nothing was missing, nothing added.

“Now by what means will you get Margaret onboard?” I stood on the deck, felt the boat moving with the small waves that always seemed to be moving across water whether it was a pond, or an ocean. It was a bit comforting. As far as I could see when looking across the lake, we were alone.

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