Green Cabin part 33

Margaret was rousing when I returned. Her blonde hair was badly rumpled, but her large blue eyes looked clearer like she could focus normally. As she reached up to stretch and twist, her torso, I admired her beauty and felt physically attracted, seriously attracted.

Don’t, I warned myself, but there was a hint of feeling that was not brotherly. Come on, the voice in my head said, you may never see another woman including Attrea and maybe this is meant to happen. But I shook it off and waited by the door so I didn’t disturb her.

As she finished and looked around her eyes widened slightly as she saw me studying her.

“I badly need a shower,” she said sounding shy.

Realizing she given me what I needed to get her on our boat, I said, “I think there might be one on the boat.”

“That would be amazing,” she said and let her bare feet touch the floor. She glanced down and added, “Even my feet look like I’ve been living in trash for years.”

“Looks okay to me,” I said and shook my head feeling foolish.

Her reaction was not what I expected. “Thanks,” she said and smiled, then added, “Ugh my teeth feel terrible.” She ran her tongue visibly over them opening her mouth just enough for the gesture to seem like an invitation.

I laughed lightly and pointed toward the boat. “Come girl, let’s grab our gear and get back on the boat. That is if you can walk.”

She was nodding as she walked to me, stumbled just enough for me to reach out and grab her. Again her eyes met mine, but filled with a touch of mischievousness.

“I’ll be fine,” she said as long as you’re there to help me if I need it. Placing my hand under her chin, I tilted her head so I could really look in her eyes. Her lips parted slightly, and I was a second from lowering mine to hers, when a loud crash outside jerked me away.

Margaret yelped, grabbing my hand, and then broke out laughing.

I was looking for the source but said over my shoulder, “How could that have possibly been funny?” Which just made her laugh harder.

While she leaned against the doorsill, I collected our gear, stuffed what I could into the duffel bag, shouldered my backpack on my uninjured side and then placed a hand on her lower back to guide her.

There were a few missteps, and a stumble or two, but we two the wounded warriors finally were aboard and the boat was untied backing steadily into the lake.

What’s gonna happen next? I thought and as I dumped our gear on the lower deck heard a shower running. My sigh was audible, my desire growing, my feet dragging as I climbed up and into the captain’s chair.

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