Where do you get your ideas from?

Writers hear that question and some attempt to answer. Occasionally ideas are found in the day’s headlines. More often, I believe ideas for stories or articles are found in our opinions of headlines or in reaction to the opinions of other people.

One must admit that each of us have opinions that range from critically intellectual to down and dirty verbal diarrhea. Knowing that we can create characters accordingly.

We also understand, or we should understand that emotions carve deep crevices. Some are painful scars while others are joyously uplifting.

All of us, whether we know it or not, are searching life for answers to questions we may or may not know.

To help us do this we connect with people and things.As we move through time we build a foundation of memories that we live on. Without memories nothing would make sense. And yes sometimes memories confuse too.

If you want an idea for a story try thinking about what matters to you at the moment. Use that thought to build characters that will pull the idea like taffy. As it expands add physical surroundings.

At first try creating like it’s an outline without being as shallow as an outline tends to be. Now you’re creating a story.