The Violator

Some people who enter your life will try to grind you down. Especially if you are successful, to assist their weak or non-existent feeling of self-importance.

They see all you’ve accomplished making them feel insignificant in comparison since they’ve done nothing similar.

They care only about themselves because they’ve done nothing or are unable, unwilling to do anything that reflects on the human need to help others. Not hinder or attempt to destroy other people because they have what the violator desires but is too lazy too incompetent or inept to accomplish on his own.

They see a person who has everything they desire and seek a weakness they can exploit to take it away.

If the violator is very good, no one will believe they are anything but sincere.

The violator will not stop even if their success requires years, taking every piece from the one he attacks no matter how small or significant it may seem to others.

The violator will only be stopped if someone stands in their way, and even then the violator will fight to convince their target that the opponent is the true problem. The violator will use ridicule, humiliation, degradation, whatever is required, and never stop.

Welcome to the human race.

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