An issue that has appeared several tine recently is assumption. One article seemed angry, another confused.

And my writing that showed two assumptions. Almost everything we think carries the burden of assumption to a certain degree. I can tell you I have hardwood floors in my home. I know this is true because I saw the ends of some of the boards. They are oak, a hardwood. If I did not know that with absolute accuracy the statement would be assumption.

Assumptions are good as well as bad. When we judge other people based on anything other than fact it is assumption. This type can be proven however to be right or wrong. And face it, we do judge people with assumption every single time. How else can we begin to know someone? Stand by and observe for a set amount of time? That too would be an act of assumption.

When we buy something we assume it is what we are told it is. I bought a pair of Lee jeans from an online retailer. I assumed that was what I would receive. The seller sent Levi jeans. A suppose he or she assumed I would not care. I do care since I hate the way Levi jeans fit and feel.

I bought peaches from a local supermarket. I assumed they were fresh as the sign claimed. They were not. One made me quite ill.

So how can we possibly live without assumption? I don’t believe it is possible. Although that too is an assumption. Yikes.