Green Cabin part 31

I was breathing hard and felt a bit weak. She closed her eyes and was asleep instantly.

“Since you left the green cabin, friend, you been fired on with laser canons, almost drown in a nasty storm while rowing a borrowed boat from a total stranger, rescued a lost woman, discovered a weird farm house filled with ancient weapons, discover a miraculously appearing cabin cruiser filled with comfort and necessities, been shot up by someone’s military with historic projectile weapons for unknown reasons, and now again seeking shelter and time to heal.

“Maybe I should’ve stayed and allowed the med-techs to drain me of my precious immune’s blood. Can’t see how this adventure will turn out better.”

I hobbled over and reached to close the door and stopped when I thought I heard a bird flying toward me. Sticking my head outside, I looked up and spotted far overhead, a massive bird with an amazing wingspan flying towards what we thought might be, mountains before docking.

“Could you be?” I started and saw the bird dwindle to a speck and it was gone. Hope springs eternal, grandmother often said, and right then I felt a glimmer of it.

Finding my way up to the top bunk was a process. I pulled off my boots and socks when I got there. I stretched out and attempted to at least relax.

I must’ve nodded off. Approaching footsteps jerked me awake. I quick look told me that Margaret still slept so it wasn’t her walking outside. I thought about the house with the weapons and wondered if whoever I heard was a person who either kept their weapon, or was the creepy guy Margaret mentioned who gathered them up everywhere in the middle of the night and returned to the farm house with his findings.

Pushing myself into a seated position, I climbed down from the top bunk and worked my way barefoot silently to the door. A chill breeze leaked between the door and frame, raising gooseflesh along my arms and torso.

Not a pleasant feeling. I wrapped my fingers around the door handle hoping if the intruder decided to enter, I might make that impossible. When nothing happened for several tension filled minutes, I opened the door and nearly had a heart attack. Pressed against the left outside doorframe was a brown duffel bag. It was stuffed full with something and I wondered if it contained anything helpful or stuff that would cause more pain and suffering. Maybe it’s the creepy guy’s weapons that he’s collected so far tonight.

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