Here there nowhere

Yahoo news and perhaps all online media new sources are the digital replacement of supermarket tabloids. Nothing but either the worst of humanity, politicians and their self-serving babble, or animals/pets acting as they do but interpreted as behaving in a way humans like just because humans want them to.

If you want to be depressed or sleepless read it all.

Before digital life people got involved in the physical reality of life and honestly did not care about the idiotic and often insane behavior of the scattered few we now focus on as if they represent us all.

Life was lived in a place controlled by each person that encompassed necessity, friends, and family. The hell with the rest of the world. If it didn’t trespass on an individual or their rights the individual ignored it.

Now we act as if individuality takes second place to everyone and thing else.

I suggest you Shut it all off and take a walk in the woods. And remember the only bear in the woods is the fear of a bear in the woods. Unless you’re in the Washington DC. There, creating fear is the lifeblood of denial.

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