Time Travel Tourism

Frequently, I’ve read that Stephen Hawking invited time travelers to attend his birthday party. He would invite them after his birthday.

The first time I read about his invite I thought about how that might play out. If several strangers dressed weirdly knocked on his door the day before his birthday would they be welcomed? Would he really be inclined to accept them as travelers? Or would they get turned away?

Well, I thought, one could walk the streets of any city and find people dressed as anything. So how travelers dressed might prove meaningless.

Since I don’t think time travel tourism would be allowed since removing one artifact from the past might cancel out a segment of the future that needed to exist, only a trained professional would venture back in time.

What specifically did Stephen Hawking believe he had to offer them to make the likely expensive and time consuming visit to his birthday party? I’m thinking he had nothing to offer. It humanity reaches a point when we can time travel, well think about the scientific knowledge that will require. What Stephen Hawking knew was insufficient to create a basis for the science of time travel.

We still cannot prove that dark energy and dark matter truly exists. Since in reality time only exists for humans perhaps we’ve overlooked the need to think as if all time really does exist at the same time. And perhaps dark matter or dark energy is the key to unlocking a way to move through time. Since the theory of dark matter is that it’s everywhere that there is no matter, well…So again why would a person who could travel through time attend Stephen’s birthday party?

Or did they?

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