About Rewriting Green Cabin

Green Cabin rewrite.

I’m not fond of calling an in-work manuscript a draft. Just me, I suppose. 

Rewriting Green Cabin will be about converting a lot of narrative to dialog. This helps with the show me don’t tell me thing.

There are any places throughout the story that need details to fill in and make it easier for a reader to get a sense of place. Also developing minor characters to make them seem more real is needed. And the same holds true for action scenes.

For me the first writing is about setting a goal of reaching the end of the story. And too for everything to weave together well enough that I believe I’ve created a foundation of believability.

The characters I create or use to get me there must be plausible, as must everything else about the storyline.

I don’t like to or think I need to keep reminding readers about how emotions drive characters ad nauseam. If I write it well the reader understands from a single telling how Stanton Wilson feels about the death of his fiancée. To remind the reader of his emotional state when he saw her die, is more about adding words and pages than moving the plot of character development.

Now I put the manuscript aside for a few weeks and work on other projects. This will allow me to return to Green Cabin without the clutter of creation in my head.

See you soon.

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