Green Cabin part 74

“You never remember your past when you return.”

“This has happened before?”

“Several times. I have known you for centuries.”

“I really think this isn’t true. Explain how any of what you’ve said is possible.”

“You are gifted too.”

“Yeah the warrior I’m with told me that but not how.”

“You are immortal, Stanton. Have you not wondered why some of the injuries you’ve received did not kill you?”

He thought about it and knew there was at least a ring of truth in her words. “How is it possible that any human might be immortal?”

She shrugged. “No one can answer that question. The Creator’s hands molds all life. You and several others were selected. That’s all I can say since it is all I know.”

“I remember none of any past life I may’ve lived. What could I have been doing for so long?”

She didn’t reply as if knowing it was not truly a question, but a dip into confusion as he focused on her announcement. When he finally shook his head, she reached and placed a hand on his forearm.

“Come with me. I have what you left for me to give to you when you return.” She started walking in the direction of a closed double door made from copper and silver.

Not sure what else he might do to resolve the nagging suspicion she was correct, he followed. As he reached to doors, she stepped aside.

“Only you can open them.”

Stanton glanced at her and then examined the doors more closely. At shoulder height he was two-handprints. Not like prints left by oily or dirty hands. These were inset into the copper and lined with a thread of silver. He reached up and found himself hoping that his hands would not match.

As he touched the copper surface, he felt a tug so his hands now matched perfectly and became, momentarily one with the metal. Noises like inner door lock mechanisms clicked, knocked, and made turning sounds. Then without warning the doors swung open completely and released him.

Inside he saw what could in his mind only be described as palatial. There was a throne in the distant center of the large room. It was rather plain but along the top of back was a Fleur de Lis on both sides with a Lion Rampant in the center. Under the seat he saw a large rectangular stone trapped by the legs.

As he walked closer he spied a glass-fronted cabinet filled with crowns scepters and orbs.

He stopped and looked at his companion. “Where is what I need?”

She pointed to the throne. “Sit.”

He did and nearly overwhelmed by the massive flood of sensation, memories, people, and more towns and villages, countries then he had until that moment known existed in human history.

When his mind cleared, he leaned back so his head contacted the Lion Rampant. This too charged his memory and suddenly he was riding a large horse wearing armor. He too wore armor and carried a lance and sword. The same sword he realized instantly as the one his companion held aloft for him. The blade dripped crimson, and at on the ground around him laid fallen enemy moaning, crying, and dying.

Stanton stood abruptly ending the memory. “So I am immortal and I have lived centuries if not much more. What is my purpose?”

“The first question you ask each return. The answer remains only you could an do know. As of now you have a small child that needs and requires your love and attention. This was a decision you made with the maiden Margaret.”

“And she was not immortal so is Minerva?”

“I am afraid only time can answer such a question. Now you much close, the doors and return to the surface. I shall remain behind until you call for me. I will mentally hear you and join you when you reach the destination of you choosing.”

Stanton led the way out of the throne room closed the doors with his hands touching and listened to the locks shift into place.

“Is there a way to the surface that doesn’t require swimming?” He asked and felt odd for asking.

“I will show you the stairway up.” She smiled as if his fear of water was amusing. Then she traveled through winding paths until she stopped and pointed. The stairway was almost a ladder.

Stanton looked up, then and her. “I will call for you as soon as possible.”

She nodded and watched him climb as she’d done more times then she could remember or count since she too was immortal.

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