Green Cabin part 25

How could portals or gates connect to different times from tis place? Is this a central what, hub? All portals connect to it? Are they timeline portals that can be entered from any time in history?I knew vaguely that a theory existed about the timeline having entry points, but it was just a theory. No one actually time traveled. At lease not anyone the general public knew about. Now I thought maybe it’s not a theory but fact.

The house was also built of old stone blocks some as large as three feet long two high. The double hung windows had eight panes and all needed cleaning. There was a wide veranda set about five feet off the ground with six wooden steps up. The treads appeared worn in the center as if they’d been used thousands of times. I expected them to be unstable, but they were solid. Once on the porch, I glanced back to find Margaret standing on the ground with plates and forks in her hands.

We entered the house through the carved wood front door with a brass doorknob and I froze. The front room was filled with historical artifacts that spanned centuries. I located the kitchen, placed the pans in the sink and ran the water hoping it would be hot enough. My mind however was still thinking about what I’d just seen. After a minute I realized every item in that room was war related. Swords, spears, long bows and arrows, handguns, rifles and even a few, hand held lasers.

I reached and touched a wood handled lance I swore could be from ancient Egypt. The wood crumbled in my hand. Jerking my hand away, I brushed it off on the leg of my jeans.

“Doesn’t make sense,” I said to no one.

“What doesn’t?” Margaret asked.

Slightly startled, I half turned to her, caught myself and said, “Why are there so many weapons out there? Why would anyone leave them here and if that’s required, where did they all go where it would be safe enough to be unarmed?”

You’re unarmed, I thought and shrugged.

“I don’t know where everyone went. I mean if you walk around some you will discover that we are the only people here.”

“That’s creepy,” I told her and thought about the pandemic. “Wonder if there was a pandemic here?”

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