Green Cabin continued

Then finally after seven weeks of daily blood draws I knew I helped no one. This time being an immune meant only that I’d live until they finally drained my veins and arteries. They never revealed that truth. It revealed itself. Then I concluded that I’d die soon since they, the doctors and lab techs, decided I could let them do two draws a day.

And the reaction of people like you added to my decision. You see I made the mistake of telling trusted friends and family. “You’re an immune you must help us. You’re a coward if you leave. I don’t believe anything you say or do matters. You have to help us even if it means you die.” I decided then to never look back.

Instead of supporting the med-sci teams working to end the pandemic many chose to dance around a deranged corrupt leader like ancient pagans around a stone circle with a bonfire at its center flames reaching for heaven as an invitation to the gods of their creation longing to conjure good spirits and never understanding they chose demons instead. Demons devoted to their destruction.

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