Climate Change What Can We Do? Part 2

Humanity seems driven to self-annihilation for one reason only. We believe humanity is the most important species on the planet.

Therefore we continue over population as if the planet will adjust around us and continue to provide our needs as if bequeathed us in perpetuity.

When the day arrives, as it surely will if we do not change, that humans become the endangered species I suspect there will be many among the survivors who will still few as if humanity is the most important species on the planet. We might wonder what those few will do under those circumstances but perhaps we already know.

I’m not certain extinction of humanity is totally possible. After all we don’t need much to survive. Just the basics – food, shelter, water, and clothing. All of that except water can be gotten from plant life. And if the survival number is around 5000 they will have enough genetic diversity to avoid caustic mutations.

But honestly how can we avoid this? First we need to strive for zero population growth. Nations that are unwilling to comply should be quarantined allowing them to seek self-sufficiency. I doubt much time will be needed before they decide that zero population growth is obtainable. Then the quarantine can be lifted.

I smile as I write this. Some will think the last idea is well inhuman, cruel, awful. How do those same people think life will be when humanity has added a couple billion more mouths to feed?

The true problem I see with this is simple. No one really cares. Like Australia blaming feral cats for the decline of the wild bird population. Cats? How much wildlife habitat has Australians destroyed for human population growth in the last fifty years? Tens of thousands of acres.

Or like social media users who do the blame game for fame. Blame the past, people who lived then not now. It’s funny how they blame others for the plastic problem while using a device made in part out of plastic. Blamers want fame only. If they wanted to fix the problem they’d put as much effort into finding solutions on a local level as they do blaming people who like them just wanted to live a happy life.

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