Climate Change – What Can You and I Do?

By now social media, print media, and news media have created an atmosphere of fear over what they are coining as the end of the world. I used the word coining for a reason. They’re making millions of dollars with this media frenzy.

They will not also discuss what each of us can do to slow down and eventually stop the progress of climate change. It’s not as if there’s nothing we can do. The opposite is true. There are many things we can do. Small things that if enough of us do them will add up to a significant amount.

Today I want to talk about boxes. Shipping boxes. Since millions of us buy online now. All non- recycled cardboard is made from trees. Okay recycled cardboard began as trees but each time it gets recycled that’s less trees being cut down to create more cardboard. The benefit of this is obvious. Trees create oxygen and are habitat for birds and other animals.

This box is from 100 percent recycled cardboard.

This is an Amazon box. 100 percent not recycled. The millions of boxes Amazon uses for shipping every day are not from recycled cardboard.

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