Ugly Truth about Climate Change

There is a significant problem that it seems every person who discusses climate change ignores. They may do so out of ignorance, or because the problem is so powerfully significant they fear speaking it aloud.

Humans have convinced themselves they are the most important life form ever created whether though evolution and natural selection or through the religious definition of creation. The latter claims that man is made in the image of god. Seriously.

Because of this grandiose opinion of self-worth, humans reproduce with no regards to the consequences. And since the only predator capable of lowering human population is humanity or disease well the situation steps outside natural selection.

No I am not advocating elimination of human lives. But think of this. Since 1970 when the world’s human population was 3.7 billion the numbers have increased until in 2019 human population is 7.7 billion. in 50 years it will be more than doubled again.

The only solution to climate change is to reverse this out of control population growth. Hahaha. Never happen right? Therefore climate change will continue until the earth itself deals with the problem through food shortages, insufficient drinking water, blistering heat and devastating weather.

Yes, humanity will survive and so will many animal species but at what expense? And why does humanity what to bring life on earth to that point? Because sex is the most important aspect of life, and the concept of zero, or better yet negative population growth is unthinkable. And as long as that remains true, severe climate change is inevitable.

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