Beyond Night’s Stillness

Dark clouds bruised with layered purple obscuring evening’s horizon as a hawk’s diving cry haunts with his arrival.

We stand fingers entwined with our eternity and wait for a future filled with uncertainty.

Could we anticipate each step as we lived through life, been more thoughtful before facing success or strife?

Should we have wondered what might be each day as if God’s hands ripped the thread of midnight’s fabric to show us His way?

Or to draw our attention from mundane distraction long enough to impart His intention leading us to a different reaction?

Can we see beyond fractured images of uncertainty, count moments of mystery holding the promise of days now a blank mystery?

Or do we miss light from new dawn that sparks countless jewels of dew laced along delicate fibers of freshly spun silken web left by a creature found only in the darkness of night?

Like an image of forgiveness, or perhaps the illumination of hope that life’s meaning lies not hidden behind a veil of doubt like the throbbing ache of loneliness that attempts to engulf us.

But lies instead in a message we can barely see and often miss when the mists of pain and loss blur and weaken our vision like the notes of a song forgotten until one single tone resonates, a tuning fork of memory.

Then the dark cloud layered purple sky rolls slowly into the distant horizon as the golden orb of new dawn lifts from the ocean with terrible majesty swallowing the hawk’s cry.

Reminding us that the love we feel, hold balanced on the palms of our hands surrounds us with the delicate kiss of life as love gently embraces us too.

Copyright 2012 Gabriel FW Koch all rights reserved

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