Truth in the White House

Honestly, I’m not certain that truth fits in any government. The role of governing people requires, it seems, the need to fabricate fact into fiction and back to fact so that those who are governed feel a peace of mind that does not challenge their preconceived notions of right and wrong.

People live in a self-created reality.

If government behaves in a manner that violates those individual realities then the governed may become ungovernable. Here lies yet a truth within a truth. The government needs do little to reverse the problem of governability gone amiss. They can used repeated fabrications often enough to weave them into a warm cozy wrap of falsehood that smells and tastes like truth. As long as what is then created locks comfortably into a large number of personal realities it succeeds.

Donald Trump, the wannabe something more than the nothing he knows he truly is, has mastered the art of fabrication to save himself from the condemnation he inflicts upon himself by simply climbing out of bed at 3am and tapping desperately on his well-worn cellphone to save himself from himself. The literal truth is that Donald Trump has never experienced a literal truth since he was born.

Now Trump fear is inflicted on as many people as he can attract to his meaninglessness. Certainly he has the power to self destruct and destroy us all, but the man would rather not fearing he will be forgotten by time and history if he ends it all.

Someone who puts self above life cannot destroy life without destroying self too.

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